February 2015

Do you show love to your site?

Every year I upgrade our website design and scripts. Usually I'm questioned by customers why I do this. I'm not talking about the regular maintenance you give your website in a daily or weekly basis, I'm talking about the major improvements that don't take just one day to be done. Here are the 3 main reasons we (sometimes my team is involved) upgrade and/or upgrade our site at least once a year and why you should consider doing the same:

  1. RenewedLike fashion, web design changes throughout time. If you don't refresh your look from time to time, one day you will “wake up” realize that your website is stuck in time and the graphics that looked amazing 3 years ago now look dreary. Outdated graphics and pictures will harm your site more than do it any good. By refreshing your site at least once a year (it can be just a facelift, not an entire redesign) you will avoid falling behind your competitors when it comes to not only design but in how practical and secure your site is to your visitors.
  2. I like to have an upgrade around IDEAS anniversary. I decided, a while ago, that some of my energy and knowledge should go towards my own redesign and maintenance (most of it goes to our customers) of my website. It's nice to start another year (for IDEAS) feeling fresh getting ready for the Holidays and the New Year.
  3. In addition to the “looks” for the design, I upgrade the scripts, install/uninstall modules and addons to make it more up to date with our needs and our customer's. We get rid of items/services we don't offer any more from our catalog, and update prices and descriptions where needed. We offer more services now than before and we approach projects different. As our experience grow, our business practices change. It's very important to check our policies, terms and conditions, shipping, offerings, etc.

These are the three main reasons we “make time” and put the effort to redesign, revamp, and/or upgrade our website every year. Some websites may take longer than others to update or getting a new design live, it will depend on how much you have in your plate but I make sure to give ourselves a facelift every year. Do you do the same?

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