September 2011

Have you noticed that your mechanic always is behind in the work with their cars? Well, that's usually my case as web developer. I'm always behind on my scripts (not security holes though, I take care of those as soon as I know). My Zen Cart needs an upgrade and I'm working on it, so probably for next issue I will be running the curtain to show you the new shop.  No major changes, but some new cool modules to make your experience simpler along with a new design. The same thing for my main site, which runs Joomla, which many of you know already.

compRemember that you should have your Zen Cart and Joomla (and/or any other script) up to date. If you are running any previoius Zen Cart versioin to 1.3.9h, please contact me to schedule an update. You should be aware that sometimes there are security holes and patches are released to secure the shop, but if you don't follow these updates and upgrades, your store might be vulnerable to hackers that will get in and will inject viruses and compromise the data stored plus getting their dirty hands in any sensible information about your customers and their orders.

It's important to read my newsletters to keep up with those updates and upgrades. Also you might spot a good module that would make your life and your shoppers easier and more user friendly. It won't harm you to ask questions and I'm always glad to help in your success.

I hope all of you that have stores hosted on my servers are enjoying a faster and better server after the transfer, I know that I've noticed while developing these last few days. If you have any complaints or did notice the change, please drop me a line, I want to know your feedback.

Well, September is almost gone and we didn't have any bad hurricanes (yet) it looks like we are not going to be hit in our worst season month. On the other hand, we have 2 more months to go.  I hope everything will continue being calm and no hurricanes hit us again this year.

As a last note congratulations to our group member Denes (webgobe) who is a brand new grandfather. Blessings to him and his family!

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